HIS Radeon 6850 & 6870 Review

HIS Radeon 68x0 Series Review

As each card is marketed as a replacement for a previous model we will be testing against those to see what, if any, improvement has been gained. Both the HD5770 and HD5830 were tested only at stock settings because the benefits of overclocking the 6 series was, as you’ll see, minimal at best.

3D Mark Vantage

Our results are nothing if not consistent. The HIS HD6870 clearly beats out the card it replaces, the HD5830, throughout testing and actually gives us results around the HD5850 mark.

The HIS HD6850 comprehensively beats the HD5770 to such a degree it’s right with the HD5830. At the more extreme end of the scale it runs out of puff, but for middle-range gaming it appears more than capable.


Unigine Heaven

Unigine is one of the most stressful benchmarks you can run, taking full advantage of the DX11 featureset. Such an improvement is seen from the new range of Radeons that even the HIS HD6850 comes in second place. Good to see.



With an increase in anti-aliasing we see the limitations of the HD6850 architecture as the 5830 slots back into seconds place. We also finally see an improvement from our overclock, albeit tiny.