Mafia III PC Performance Review

Mafia III Day 1 PC Performance Review

Graphical Options and Settings


To say the least, the graphical options menu for Mafia III leaves a lot to be desired, giving a lot of options but very few details. Yes, there are options for a lot of graphical effects, but the game fails to tell us what type of AA it uses, what type of Ambient Occlusion it uses and  does not even have any texture detail or Anisotropic filtering options. 

Thankfully the game now has an additional framerate option which has options for a 30FPS limit, a 60FPS limit or the option for the game to run completely unlimited. 

To be fair to the Mafia III most of the settings have a Low, Medium and High option, with the game also featuring an FOV slider that can be adjusted from 55-90, but it would be nice to have a few more details in this graphical options menu.

The game’s graphics can also be changed in the game’s launcher, though more often than not I found that the options I chose before launch and those that were inside the game did not match, which is an issue that Hangar 13 will have to look into. 


Mafia III Day 1 PC Performance Review


We know that in the future Hangar 13 will be adding a framerate limit option, which will allow players to choose between a framerate limit of 30 or 60 and also have the option to completely unlimited. Hopefully, this patch will be released during the weekend, though Take-Two has set no firm release timeframe yet.    

One other problem in this game is that the Anti-Aliasing has a Low, Medium and High option but no Off option, which forces the player to use AA and make the world look very blurry on the PC. We would like to see an AA off option in a future patch, as right now the game can look very blurred and unfocused at times.  


Graphical Testing

Today we will test Mafia III using the game’s 3 built-in global quality presets, Low, medium and high. Those looking to improve performance should first look into disabling depth of field, Ambient Occlusion and motion blur.