Mafia III PC Performance Review

Mafia III Day 1 PC Performance Review

1080p Testing

Looking at these 1080p results it is clear to see that Mafia III is very difficult to run at High settings, with even our GTX 1070 Founders Edition being unable to achieve stable 60+FPS framerates. It seems that Hanger 13 may have considered Nvidia’s GTX 1080 as a 1080p GPU, rather than an option for 1440p or 4K.

Thankfully Mafia III does not lose much graphical detail when moving to low settings, where anything that performs similarly or higher than an RX 480 should be able to run at a stable 60+ FPS.    

Moving from high to low will have very few visual differences in normal gameplay, with the biggest differences being in lighting effects. 

Looking at our lower end GPU options, the GTX 960 and R9 380 are able to achieve a stable 40+ FPS at low settings, which is very playable and much more responsive than playing at a capped 30FPS framerate.  


Mafia III PC Performance Review