Mafia III PC Performance Review

Mafia III Day 1 PC Performance Review

1440p Testing

At 1440p gamers will need a GTX 980Ti or above to be able to run this game at a steady 60+ FPS, which even then is only at low settings. At high settings gamers will need to have a minimum of a GTX 980Ti to run Mafia III at a steady 30+FPS, which seems overly demanding when considering the graphical quality on display here.  

When considering the fact that GTA V is able to perform well on PC and offer superior graphical quality, Mafia III’s performance simply seems awful, especially considering the age of GTA V.  

Looking at the RX 480 and GTX 1060 we can see that neither GPU can achieve a solid 60+ FPS, with both only achieving a stable 30+ FPS at the Lowest quality preset.  


Mafia III PC Performance Review