Nvidia RTX 4080 Super Five Card Review

ASUS ROG RTX 4080 Super Strix

Nvidia RTX 4080 Super Five Card Review

ASUS ROG RTX 4080 Super Strix

The Super version of the ASUS Strix looks just like all their other recent cards. Clearly they’ve found a design philosophy they want to stick to.

Super Strix Box

With both blue and red accents, this is a card best used by those who want to stick to the official colour scheme. Or perhaps don’t run it vertically.

Super Strix Card

The backplate of the Strix is still one of the best around. The attention to detail is sublime. We adore the ROG Eye logo embossed into the fins. Lovely.

Super Strix Back

You could be forgiven for thinking the Strix is quite thick after seeing the girth of the Founders Edition. But that’s because you haven’t seen the Gigabyte Aorus Master yet. With a thin shroud revealing all the heatsink there is plenty of room to expel the hot air generated by the new Nvidia GPU.

Super Strix Side Super Strix Underside

With a clear space around the power input it should be easy to ensure a tight fit. Important if you kept up with the early teething troubles of this power connector style. You can also see the high fin density of the Strix. Nice.

Super Strix Power

ASUS have gone above and beyond the other cards we’re reviewing today. Three DisplayPorts are standard, but all the others just have one HDMI. Here ASUS have given you two on their stainless steel bracket.

Super Strix Outputs

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