Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora PC Performance Review and Optimisation Guide

DLSS – Solid Upscaling, no Frame Generation option

DLSS Super Resolution – This game needs DLSS Frame Generation

While we have noted that this game’s FidelityFX Super Resolution support is strong, DLSS does deliver higher levels of image quality in some areas. This is especially true when using lower input resolutions. That said, this game lacks support for Nvidia’s DLSS Frame Generation technology, and there is simply no good reason for this. Yes, Nvidia RTX 40 series GPU users can use FSR 3, but when DLSS Super Resolution delivers better upscaling, it is annoying that we cannot use DLSS with Frame Generation. After all, AMD’s FSR Frame Generation only works when FSR is enabled.

Even without Frame Generation, DLSS Super Resolution can give RTX GPU users significant performance uplifts. Using DLSS in Balanced Mode at 4K is enough to keep the game above 60 FPS on our RTX 4070 Ti. Not bad for such a demanding PC release. We can only hope that DLSS Frame Generation is added to Frontiers of Pandora with a future update.

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