Horizon: Forbidden West PC Performance Review and Optimisation Guide

CPU Performance

You don’t need a huge core count to play Horizon: Forbidden West on PC

In our custom test scene for Horizon: Forbidden West, we found it hard to make the game CPU-limited. We even resorted to running the game at 1080p with FSR 2 set to Performance mode. That’s having the game run at 540p and upscaling it to 1080p. Even then, this game is quite GPU-limited with our Radeon RX 7900 XT. This makes a lot of sense, after all, Forbidden West is a PlayStation 4 game. It needs to run well on 2013’s PlayStation 4, and it has a very weak CPU by today’s standards.

If we disable the E-cores on our Intel i9-13900K, we can see a tiny in CPU performance. That said, we need to disable all but four P-cores to get this game to run notably slower on PC. This means that Horizon: Forbidden West should run well on all but the most potato of processors. That’s great news for PC gamers with older systems.

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