Horizon: Forbidden West PC Performance Review and Optimisation Guide

Preset Scaling

Horizon Forbidden West Preset Scaling

Horizon: Forbidden West has five graphical presets. These are Very Low, Low, Medium, High, and Very High. Beyond that, players can choose to enhance the game’s anisotropic filtering to 16x. To be honest, this is something that this game’s Very High preset (if not all of them) should have by default. After all, 16x anisotropic filtering has a minimal performance cost on PC. In the graph below, “Max” settings is very high settings with anisotropic filtering set to 16x.

Honestly, Horizon; Forbidden West has limited levels of performance scaling outside of resolution changes. High and Very High settings perform very similarly, and only changes to Medium settings or lower result in notable performance improvements. These lower presets have huge visual consequences. That said, these consequences can be mitigated somewhat with higher texture settings and texture filtering settings.

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