Horizon: Forbidden West PC Performance Review and Optimisation Guide


AMD FSR 2 Performance – Yep, no FSR 3, at least for now

Strangely, Nixxes has not launched Horizon: Forbidden West with support for AMD’s FSR 3 technology. This means that Forbidden West lacks AMD’s Frame Generation technology. That said, FSR 2.2 Super Resolution is available, and it is well implemented. Nixxes has confirmed their plans to add FSR 3 to this game in the future, and we hope that an FSR 3.1 update is also planned.

While AMD’s FSR 2 technology does not deliver visual results as strong as Nvidia’s competing DLSS upscaler, FSR 2 still does a great job in Forbidden West. At 4K, Balanced mode and Quality mode can be hard to distinguish from native 4K at times. That said, DLSS remains the best option if you have hardware that supports it.

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