All-White All-NZXT PC Build

All-White All-NZXT PC Build

NZXT’s Relay Audio Ecosystem

The inspiration behind our all-NZXT PC build was the recent launch of the company’s Relay audio ecosystem, and the release of NZXT”s innovative “SwitchMix” solution. We have already reviewed these products here, and have created a YouTube video on the topic, but we felt that these products needed a little more exposure, as the SwitchMix has sparked a lot of conversation amongst our writers.

Simply put, the ability to switch between your PC speakers and your audio headset by simply picking up your headset is a revolutionary idea. It’s incredibly simple, and incredibly effective. Honestly, it’s such a good idea that we are surprised that we have not seen it before.

Audio is a frequently underlooked part of the PC experience, especially for gamers. Whether you are listening to podcasts or music while working, or immersing yourself in the latest games, it is hard to deny that most PC setups would benefit from a decent set of speakers or a good audio headset. With NZXT now offering PC builders a strong selection of audio products, now is a great time to build an all-NZXT PC setup.

All-White All-NZXT PC Build

The SwitchMix

NZXT’s SwitchMix is the heart of our audio setup, with all PC audio being directed through it. When our audio headset is on its stand, audio will be directed through our NZXT Relay Speakers and Subwoofer, and when the headset is off its stand, audio will be directed through the headset. Simples.

On the SwitchMix stand we also have a set of Audio controls, allowing us to easily adjust our audio volume on the fly.

All-White All-NZXT PC Build

The NZXT Audio Experience

Overall, I am very happy with the audio that I am getting from this setup. All of NZXT’s audio components are well built, and are easily controllable using NZXT’s CAM software.

NZXT’s Relay headset is comfortable and lightwight, and by using drivers which have a 20Hz – 40kHz frequency response (instead of the more common 20-20) the headset a more airy feel and higher frequencies have room to breathe. This headset is certainly is a step above the somewhat ‘tight’ sounds of headsets with lesser specifications, where the compressed frequency response squishes the audio together. The microphone being removable is a nice touch too, letting you use the NZXT Capsule microphone if you wish, or any other microphone.

NZXT’s Relay speakers are also excellent. We’ve seen far too many flimsy cabinets that containing paltry speakers at OC3D, so having a set which are rattle free and have a gorgeously balanced soundscape make them a joy to listen to. These speakers are plenty loud enough for being sat right in front of you, and like the headset the audio is spacious and fuzz free. Regarding the subwoofer, it is a little underpowered, though this is not necessarily a bad thing depending on the requirements of your setup. You are not going to be shaking your house apart with this subwoofer, but it is great for users who live in a busy household, or you sit close to where your subwoofer is located.

The highlights of this audio setup of the NZXT Switchmix and how flexible it makes NZXT’s Relay audio ecosystem. By utilising 3.5mm jacks wherever possible you can use components you already own,  and controlling your audio using the Switchmix means that NZXT’s CAM software is your one stop shop for audio adjustment. All of these components are well built and are of high quality, and while we would like the subwoofer to be more powerful, it is an optional extra, and you can use an alternative subwoofer if you desire.