Gigabyte Z68X UD5 B3 Review

Gigabyte Z68X UD5 B3 Review


CPU Benchmarks

Despite AIDA64 being updated more often than a teenagers Facebook status, it hadn’t quite caught up to our Z68X UD5 at the time of testing. As you can see some scores fair better than others, but we’re surprised at how poorly it performs at stock and that there is barely a breath of movement in the overclocked AES result. It’s near enough to what we’d expect when we look at other benchmarks though. The lesson as always is to not live and die by a certain benchmark or a certain score, but take things as a whole. We’re not saying AIDA64 is misreporting, merely that we’re not absolutely sure it’s getting the best out of the setup at the moment.

Memory Benchmarks

Memory results are good indeed with the normal LGA1155 quality of not being particularly bias towards either read speeds nor write speeds, ensuring your workflow is smooth at all times.