KFA2 GTX570 Review

KFA2 GTX570 Review

Crysis Warhead

The only thing we can expect from Crysis Warhead is that it’s nothing if not a fussy thing. So it proves with the KFA² giving an enormous score at stock and about what we’d predict when overclocked. Either way it’s an improvement over the reference design.

Crysis 2

It’s sequel, Crysis 2, is one of the newer games on our test rotation and so we’ve only got one comparison for the moment. The vanilla version in all it’s console-based DX9 finery is solid if unspectacular and you can certainly see that with low levels of detail there is a lot to be said for a cheap dual-card configuration.

However, ramp that Image Quality up with the DX11 patch and the Hi-Res texture pack and it’s clear that the underlying architecture can make a huge difference. The KFA² GTX570 puts up some stunning numbers. The level of detail is amazing and yet we’re still north of 40 FPS average.