KFA2 GTX570 Review

KFA2 GTX570 Review

Alien vs Predator

By virtue of being a strict benchmark test AvP shows how well the KFA² performs when compared to the standard GTX570. A 7 frame-per-second improvement in both stock and overclocked trim is not to be sniffed at.

The Witcher 2

We’re always on the lookout for fresh games to make our graphics cards sweat. When Crysis Warhead first appeared we never imagined anything would get close to playable, yet modern hardware dispenses with it easily. Enter The Witcher 2. This is a hugely scalable game capable of being played on almost any setup, with the obvious reductions in detail that lower settings entails.

However what we’re interested in is the full-on Ultra settings, which even the creators admit is designed for future hardware. Be in no doubt that this will bring anything to its knees. The KFA² GTX570 makes a good fist of things, being around the 25 FPS mark which isn’t bad considering this is the finest looking game on the planet right now.