XCOM 2 PC Performance Review – AMD VS Nvidia

XCOM 2 PC Performance Review - AMD VS Nvidia

GTX 980 Ti and R9 Fury X performance at 4K


For a turn based strategy game XCOM 2 is super demanding, so much so that the Maximum settings at 4k make both the GTX 980Ti and R9 Fury X simply fall over and provide framerates in the single digets, making the game react slowly and completely unplayable.

We do not recommend that you try this game at the games Maximum presets, as it really takes a lot more performance that it is worth, giving very little visual difference when compared to the game’s high settings.

At 4K Nvidia do have an edge in terms of average framerate, but in the Minimal, Low and Medium presets AMD do have a higher Minimum framerate, which makes both AMD and Nvidia’s flagship GPUs equally viable options for this game.  

If you want to keep the framerate above 30 you will need to use medium settings or lower, but if you want to maintain a framerate that is around higher than 60FPS at all times you will need to wait for more powerful GPUs. 

With the game being a turn based strategy title framerate has little impact on the gameplay of this title, but a higher framerate does make the character actions and events much more satisfying to watch. For this resolution and these GPUs I would recommend settings of  medium of lower for a good experience, depending on your tolerance of low framerates.  


XCOM 2 PC Performance Review - AMD VS Nvidia