Prey PC Performance Review

Prey PC Performance Review


When it comes to PC performance Prey will be an interesting game for a multitude of reasons, using CryEngine, which has often been associated with sub-par performance with games like HomeFront: The Revolution and Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 while also coming with the promise of AMD Ryzen optimisation, which should deliver high level of multi-threading support.   

To start off, Prey is easily one of the best performing CryEngine games that we have played in recent years, though that does not mean that the game lacks any issues, many of which we will explore in this performance overview.   

Today we will be adding new CPU performance testing to our game benchmarking suite, showcasing exactly how this game responds on increased core/thread counts. This testing will be part of all our game reviews moving forward and shows some surprising results with Prey.   




As always, we will be using the most recent drivers from AMD and Nvidia at the time of release. This means that we will be testing this game with AMD’s Radeon Software Crimson ReLive 17.5.1 Driver and Nvidia’s Geforce 382.05 driver. 

These drivers are both “Game Ready” for Prey, which means that both manufacturers have optimised their drivers for this game release. AMD has gone so far as to say that their GPU performance improves by 4-5% in Prey with this new driver release, which makes this driver update essentially for having the best gaming performance. 


Prey PC Performance Review