XFX 9800 GTX Black Edition 512mb

Futuremark Benchmarks

All of the cards were run through several 3DMark benchmarks. Note that both the 9800 GX2 and the 3 Way SLI setup were both run through an extra benchmark at 1920 x 1200 with 8 x AA.

FutureMark – 3DMark03

3DMark03 is a benchmark that uses mainly a DirectX 8 feature set including several pixel fill-rate tests. I included this test in the review to see an approximation of how well old games will play on the current gen cards, as well as how well each card copes with the fill-rate tests.

The Black Edition gives a good show in 3dMark03 compared to the stock 9800 GTX and does indeed beat out all of it’s competitors by a fair bit.
FutureMark 3DMark05

3DMark05 is a benchmark based on DirectX 9 with more advanced shading and bump-mapping techniques, as well as a tough CPU test integrated.

Again you will notice that the XFX Black Edition 9800 GTX plays out a nice tune, just about crowning over 22k in 05.
FutureMark – 3DMark06

3DMark06 is a more complex 3D benchmark, using many of the more advanced techniques found in DirectX 9.0c such as utilising Shader Model 3.0 and HDR lighting to create a tough benchmark that stresses the GPU and CPU.

A common theme throughout the benchmarks, the Black Edition GTX beats out the single GPU cards in our tests. High res benchmarks also show that the card holds good numbers throughout the testing, even when pitted against some more serious scaling.