XFX 9800 GTX Black Edition 512mb

XFX have set out to make a top end 9800 GTX and I feel they have achieved this perfectly. The 1900MHz stream processors coupled with a pretty blazing overclocked core clock really do give a boost to both the scores and FPS in real life. Here comes the but…the real life difference in gaming is really only shown in Crysis. This does mean that if you buy this card, Crysis will certainly be more playable than the stock 9800 GTX though.
It really comes down to choice of whether you value several things in your graphics card. XFX have put together an exceptional package with the Black Edition 9800 GTX. The box is both hardware and software packed and Assassins Creed is certainly an awesome game worth a look if you don’t have it. Priced at £246 @ Scan, the bundle is a little more expensive than a stock GTX.
So as I said: it comes down to personal choice. If you just want the stock card then look elsewhere, but if you want a hot-to-trot pre-overclocked single card with a superb bundle and warranty to match, you won’t go much wrong with XFX’s 9800 GTX Black Edition.
The XFX 9800 GTX Black Edition get’s an OC3D Recommended Award with a Performance Award companion for being steamingly fast for a current gen single GPU card.
The Good
+ Fastest single GPU card we’ve tested
+ Good looking
+ Awesome hardware bundle
+ AAA title included in the box
+ Peace of mind XFX Black Edition testing and support

The Mediocre
* Debatable if you pay the extra

The Bad
– A bit overpriced compared to other GTX

recommended  performance 
Thanks to XFX for the review sample.
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