ASUS White Roundup

ASUS White Roundup


One thing that’s a positive about the summer season appearing in the UK is that we can sit outside over a pint at lunchtime and discuss the various ways the hardware market is moving. As regular readers will know the topic usually ends up coming around to the boss’ love of white hardware and how difficult it is to get a high end system built in this colourway. It didn’t take very long before we started to move from bemoaning the lack of options to actually paying attention to what is available from ASUS, and realising that you could actually tick off nearly every box of a build whilst remaining firmly in the white camp.

Indeed, after a couple of drinks and a spot of lunch it became clear that you could not only build a new system entirely from white components, but also fill your desk with white peripherals and not be limited in the way that you wanted to take your rig. You can have an affordable one, a high-end one, an AMD platform or an Intel one, and all without having to leave the comfort of a single website.

We know that white hardware is popular amongst our readers too, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to turn our ‘back of a napkin’ note taking into an overview of some of the available ASUS white hardware options to cater to all your needs. Let’s go.


Of course the first choice you have to make is what case you’re going to put all your components into. However important the internal lighting might be, the external looks are a key element, particularly if you’re ensuring that everything on your desk can be in white. We’ve got a three here.

ASUS Hyperion GR701

If you’ve been following along here at OC3D you’ll know that we’ve seen a few variants of the ROG Hyperion GR701 case in recent times. Naturally with this being a white roundup we’re concentrating upon the brightest star in the ASUS firmament.  We’ve seen the black one and recently seen the awesome Hyperion EVA-02 edition. For those who prefer their systems to be white, ASUS have you covered.

ASUS eShop : £399.99
OC3D Review : ASUS ROG Hyperion GR701

The side panel opens smoothly and has all the little ROG touches you might have come to expect, from RGB lighting to heavy branding.

Plenty of storage space is available around the back. Both storage as in a place to tidy away your cables, and in a place to keep your storage drives. It’s a beast of a thing for sure.

It’s a testament to how high up the ROG range the Hyperion is that the front panel USB supports 60W charging and has two front Type-C connectors. We also love the LED control built into the front panel.

Whilst modern systems might have plentiful fan headers and RGB options, the rate at which ARGB hardware has taken over the world means that even a new build will quickly run out of headers. By including an ARGB + Fan hub in the GR701 ASUS have saved you yet more expense.


First up is the TUF GT502, a fantastic dual chambered design with plenty of room to arrange things, as well as a lot of places to ensure you can maximise your cooling potential.  It might look a little small, with the dual fans in the floor indicating the dimensions, but instead of focusing upon the length you need to look at the girth. The GT502 is thick, and that means that you can happily put a 360 radiator vertically, some cooling in the floor, exhaust fans, and still tuck the PSU around the back for neatness. Lovely. If it looks interesting then you can check out our full review, as well as buy one, from the following links.

ASUS eShop : £159.99
OC3D Review : Here

ASUS White Roundup
ASUS White Roundup

ASUS Prime AP201 Micro ATX

If the GT502 seems a little large for your space, then maybe a smaller form factor case will be the way forward. What really impresses about the ASUS Prime AP201 mATX case is that is manages to find room in its diminutive stature for a 360mm radiator, six fans, and graphics cards that are up to 338mm long. It’s almost TARDIS-esque. As you can see from the side view, a lot of the size savings are in the vertical dimension, but by keeping it deep ASUS have ensured that you can fit in all your hardware without having to play Tetris as might in the other mATX chassis available.

ASUS eShop : £89.99

ASUS White Roundup
ASUS White Roundup